the O. theorem - list of works

# title genre year material description premiere
1. 13 841 287 201 akkorde in memoriam nicolas obuchow installation 1999/2000 midi sound generator, computer a maxpatch, generating all possible twelve tone chords within 7 octaves as midi data, driving a suitable sound module no realisation
2. auszeiten score 03/2001 3 musicians + playback concept score for 3 improvising musicians and a playback with 13 twelve tone chords together with duo archeaopteryx, stadtgalerie saarbrücken 06/2001
3. wandbehang installation 10/2001 8 loudspeakers in a row, 8 cd-players 8 cds, each with one pitch from an equidstant division of the octave into 8 tones across 8 octaves, playback in shuffle (random) mode. kunstwerk köln as part of "raummusik und so" 10/2001
4. circle of fifths installation 09/2006 12 lourdspeakers arranged ona wall in circular shape, computer, audiointerface analytical spatialisation of mozarts jupiter symphony filtered according to the circle of fifths and played back thru 12 loudspeakers ordered accordingly . vorkamer, lier as part of the "3 heilige geest" weekend 09/2006
5. present, tense score 07/2007 computergenerated score with one 12tone series for a solo instrument an automated recording and looping systems layers the single instrumental pitches one after the other to a twelve tone chord. calarts, valencia/ca, as part of the dog star festival. solist: kathy pisaro. 06/2007
6. alkan graph score 03/2008 chamber ensemble anlytical deconstruction of a piano piece by charles v. alkan. pitches and durations are assigned to individual instruments. commissioned for the ensemble apartment house by WDR3 for the series "ensembl[:E:]uropa", köln 03/2008
7. steirerlied zentrifuge outdoor installation 07/2008 12 horn speakers, computer, audiointerface analytical spatialisation of styrian folksongs as a 12channel soundinstallation in a park. commissioned by "DUR - art in public space, styria", gleisdorf 07/2008
8. stele für n.o score 03/2010 orchestera piece for orchestra based on 2 twelve tone chords from n. obukovs „traité d´hamonie tonale, atonale et totale“. commissioned by Kunststiftung NRW for MaerzMusik – Festival für aktuelle Musik der Berliner Festspiele, konzerthausorchestra berlin 03/2010
9. e.t. (l.a.) score + materials 10/2011 for a variable number (more than 4) of players with laptops with built-in microphones + loudspeakers and pure-data patch sound generation is entirely based on filtered feedback between the laptops built-in mics + speakers. the filters are tuned in an equidistant divison of the ocatve, depending on the number of participants. commissioned by the experimental music yearbook, premiered at the wulf, los angeles 10/2011
10. a curved sunbeam on vintage paper score 11/2011 chamber orchestra based on permutations of a twelve tone chord entangled with a time series. commissioned by „Multiple Joy(ce) Orchestra“, stadtgarten köln 12/2011
11. nikolas app for mobile devices 05/2012 Pure Data, RjDj generative mobile devices app, filtering varying twelve tone chords from environmental sounds. made with the pure-data framework RjDj. now obsolet, sinces RjDj ceased to exist
12. circle of fifths - realtime version installation 10/2012 12 loudspeakers, outside microphone, computer, audiointerface evolution of „circle of fifths” to allow the realtime filtering of environmental sounds, captured via an external microphone. as part of the "visual sounds" program curated by georg dietzler, mauritius kirchgarten, köln 10/2012
13. landscape with laptops score 12/2012 for recorder, cello, electric guitar, piano, each with a laptop, live-electronic and playback set of intsructions for generating a score based on twelve tone chords. commissioned by kunststiftung NRW, alte feuerwache köln 12/2012
14. zifferblatt witten installation 05/2014 12 loudspeakers, outside microphone, computer, audiointerface evolution of „circle of fifths - realtime version“. the individual loudspeakers are controlled by the position of the 3 clockhands of an invisible clock. commissioned by the city of witten for the wittener tage für neue kammermusik, witten 05/2014
15. clock of fifths installation 10/2014 12 loudspeakers, outside microphone, computer, audiointerface, projection clock further evolution of „zifferblatt witten“ where the loudspeakers are now aligned with the clockface of a projection clock. commissioned by "on the edge of percepibility", kunsthalle budapest 10/2014
16. clock of fifths app for mobile devices 04/2015 Pure Data, MobMuPlat mobile devices app made with the MobMuPlat frameworks, porting the installation with the same name to a portable format. the filtered pitches are spread on the stereo panorama 04/2015
17. keys + knives score 11/2015 for 1 - 11 players of instruments, capable of producing sustained notes and a reed organ twelve tone chord long duration action, based on a project score for the action „Kosmisches Beispiel Nr. 9 & Nr.10: WOLLEN, TUN & HABEN“ for christian jendreikos series „zwölf kosmische beispiele“, düsseldorf 2014 premiered by the golden fur ensemble, tectonics festival, tel aviv 2015
18.a the O. theorem app for mobile devices 12/2014 Pure Data, MobMuPlat mobile devices app made with the MobMuPlat framework, generating chord permutations in equidistant oktave divisions between 1-12 steps premiered at „sounderbar -experimental drinks & experimental music“ produced as a commission from bbk in cooperation with dbaw e.V. at matjö, köln 12/2014
18.b the O. theorem - alphabet 5/11 radiophonic piece 03/2016 electronic music electronic chord permutations in equidistant 11 tone temperament, produced with the app of the same name. its the fictious opus 0 of „the O. theorem“ as a radiophonic composition. commissioned by hr2 kultur, „the artists corner“, 03/2016
19. mengenlehre installation 06/2018 12 loudspeakers, suspended in the frame of a bilinski dodecahedron, 8h 12channel loop of electronic sound the sound material is 1048576 non-transposable twelve tone chords within an ambitus of four octaves at a playback speed of 27,3 ms per chord künstlerhaus des saarlandes, saarbrücken 06/2018
20. clock of fifths [totensonntag] electronic music 11/2017 fieldrecording filtered electronic music based on a fieldrecording made with the app "clock of fifths" on the sunday in commemoration of the dead 2017 . released 09/2018 on the LP the O. theorem, edition telemark 785.07, berlin
21. the book of decay I - three frontispieces score 10/2013 piano solo 3 piano pieces based on compositions by bach, satie and webern. for each piece the number of occurences of each pitchclass was used to fix the pitches in ascending order. premiere of no. 2(satie) künstlerhaus lukas, ahrenshoop 09/2013
22. 14 songs, philosophical score 11/2019 low male voice, french horn, violin, live-electronics and a modified maneki-neko controlling an app on a tablet the songs are based on kurt goedels "My philosophical viewpoint" (Meine philosophischen Ansichten"), which consists of 14 short statements. they are embedded in an open musical fabric woven from the total of all possible 12tone-chords which are based on all-interval series. premiered at the exhibition of new music festival, brno 11/2019
23. twelve tone chord of the day internet sculpture 04/2020 html5, p5js the distance in days since the first public performance of piano pieces in obukhovs "harmonie totale" is transformed into a tewelve tone chord for each day. the website was launched on april 22, 2020, obukhovs 128. birthday
24. catalogue of twelve tone chords for two hands score 06/2020 html a collection of twelve tone chords playable with two hands on a keyboard + call for contributions. the website was launched in connection with the publication of an article in MusikTexte 166, 08/2020